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I have had a lifelong passion for dogs and have owned and loved numerous breeds. Once I got my first Griffon I knew this was the breed I would dedicate myself to learning about, preserving and sharing with others. I have served on the AKC parent breed club as a board member, and served on several committees including rescue and AKC Judges Education. My Griffons are active in AKC conformation competition earning Champion and Grand Champion titles. They are also active training and earning field titles.  I regularly train with my Griffons and seek out mentors both within and outside the breed. I love being a resource for others new to the breed and share in their excitement as they discover the versatility of the Griffon. 

I am proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit and have met the standards to be a recommended breeder through Gooddog.


Westminster Dreams Come True

Double Barrel takes  Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex honors at Westminster 2023

GCHG CH Double Barrel's Turkey Creek Jack Johnson MH CGCA NAI

 does it again!

Westminster Best of Breed 2024



The 4 X 4 of Sporting Dogs

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breeder in Southern California. Dedicated to preservation breeding. Breeding decisions are made to improve upon each generation, striving for excellence in prey drive, biddability and meeting the breed standard. No shortcuts are taken to breed healthy, happy, versatile griffons. We believe in quality over quantity.


Health, Versatility, Temperament

The dog that does it all! Hunt upland game all day, loyal adventure seeker, and lap warmer at night.

Big Del
Puppy Booty
Bandit and Coco
Baby Bandit
Gabby, Bandit, Coco
Birthday wishes
Bandit training
Coco's birthday
GCHB Capstone's Gabrielle de la rue Cambon "Coco"
CH Flatbrook Outlaw Hodoo Brown NA
Mom and Dad Besitos litter
CH Flatbrook Jacolate SH, Chief's mom
CH Double Barrel's Tikka Jolie of Flatbrook CGC NA
CH Double Barrel's Tikka Jolie of Flatbrook CGC NA
Early intro to wings
Bandit, Coco, Tikka
Besitos_Litter_5 (2).jpg
CH Flatbrook Outlaw Hoodoo Brown NA
Big Del
CH Flatbrook Jacolate SH
CH Double Barrel's Don Pablo Picasso JH
GCH Double Barrel's Besitos Caliente de
CH Double Barrel's Lady Lyanna Mormont
Big Del
GCH Double Barrel's Delacroix of Flatbro
GCH Double Barrel's Delacroix of Flatbro
Big Del
CH Double Barrel's Tikka Jolie of Flatbrook CGC NA
Three generations
Family photo
Mother's love
Baby Coco
Love that face
Make a splash
Good girl
CH Double Barrel El Rey Dorado's Legend JH
The crew
All Griffons love the snow
Piper with her fancy ribbon
Merry Griffmas
Hip Hop litter
Sweet dreams
Bandit, Cathy, Coco
Love my beards
Grandma and Grandpa
I'll always LOVE you
CA summers

With Cathy West's long invlovment with WPG rescue there are not too many people who are more aware of the importance of a great breeding program. As well as the responsibility of the breeder to make sure their puppies are placed in homes that are prepared for an active sporting breed to thrive for many years.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to receive a puppy from Double Barrel Griffon's first litter a year and a half ago. We feel very qualified to speak of Cathy's exceptional breeding program. When planning a litter she puts much thought, research and time into choosing the right pair. From health tests, hunt tests, genetics, temperament to conformation she checks off all the right boxes.

From the minute the puppies are born Cathy dedicates 100% of her time to their development. Her passion is to give her puppies the best possible start in life she can. By the time they go to their new homes they are very well socialized, confident, healthy, well-adjusted little pups. At the proper stage of development she has their temperament tested and their conformation checked. She takes daily notes on each of the puppies personalities and characteristics. At the same time she is learning much about the potential clients and what they are looking for in their new family member. She takes very seriously and to heart matching the right puppy to the right home. 

From our personal experience I can tell you from day one we knew we had hit a home-run. We were so comfortable from the beginning to ask any of our questions. And equally as important, after Tikka came home. She sent us photos and videos and let us know how things were progressing and what she was introducing to the pups. She is encouraging, passionate, honest, helpful and there for you every step of the way. That is the kind of breeder every prospective owner should look for. 

Tikka is the love of our lives, everything we had hoped and planned for. Her temperament is golden! She is turning into a great bird-dog and knows the show ring. She is such a pleasure to work with and train and so versatile there is no end in sight of what she might be able to do. Cathy could not have provided us with a better WPG or made us happier. 

Our only wish is that we could be on the waiting list for every future Double Barrel litter. 

Most Sincerely,

Philip and Nancy Coffeen

Philip and Tikka

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